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We believe in a fair and disciplined hunting routine that maintains the balance of nature without affecting our ecosystem. We recommend our guests to read our guidelines carefully before going hunting with us.

We also take firearm safety very seriously.

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Amazing benefits of joining the military

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7 Hunting Day Essentials

Going for hunting also means that you are on a survival drill that requires a well-equipped hunting pack. You need to make sure that you have everything you will need without carrying extra weight for your hunting hike. There are different opinions about hunting packs essentials, but most of the experts agree on the things that we have mentioned in this list.


While many essentials are required to protect you from tough situations, water is the most important of them all. It is the most important thing to carry to your hunting trip as you can spend hours and even days looking for a successful hunt. The majority of the weight for your pack should be water. You can use a bladder to minimize the amount of space a hard container would take.


First Aid

From blisters to heavy injuries, you will need a first aid kit to cover any wounds that you get during the hunt. You may even need some energy pills to stay in the hunt without passing out. You can cut yourself from the thorny bushes or have an ankle sprain due to a fall. A first aid kit with all the necessary items for pain and wounds is essential for hunting trips.


Carry as many energy bars and dry fruits as you can. You will get pretty hungry while waiting patiently for a good target. Other food items can include jerky, frozen vegetables, and instant foods that you can make by boiling some water. Keep a container to cook your food when you are camping.

Rain gear

It will not necessarily rain during a hunt, but just to be sure, you must have rain gear to protect your backpack as well as yourself. Hypothermia can become a barrier in successfully completing your hunt if you do not have the right rain gear.

Rain gear


You also need a headlamp when the sun goes down so that you can be hand free in the dark to dress your hunt. Buy a headlamp that can last for your entire hike trip in one charge. Some of the headlamps today can also have additional features such as SOS for emergency situations.


The most important tool of a hunter is a knife. It can perform several tasks from dressing to cutting sticks for the fire, cutting vegetables, to even cutting off any poison from spreading the body. Keep a sharp blade with you that can be easily accessible in all situations when you are hunting.


Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves can be effective while dressing an animal during the hunt. It protects your body from getting directly in contact with any bacteria or parasite that the animal might have. If you have any cuts on your hands when you are dressing an animal, you will most probably get very sick. Rubber gloves prevent this contact with the blood and body of the animal while also giving you a good grip for dressing.


Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners

You can either join a hunting program to learn deer hunting with experts or go for hunting tips with a pro hunter friend or relative. Hunting for beginners may not be the best experience at first, but as they get used to it, there is a lot they can learn about hunts and survival. These tips are for beginners who are planning their first hunting trip. Having an idea of the essentials during a hunt will keep the beginners more focused and aware of their surroundings.

Be in the field

You need to spend more time in the field if you are serious about hunting. You may not necessarily find a hunt in your first few days of hunting trips, but that should not demotivate you into giving up. Play a one and a half-day trip at least to get maximum time on the field. You also need some good rest during the night so you can focus on the hunt the next day.

Dress for the hunt


Wear the right hunting apparel for your trip, which should have multiple layers of clothing. You can feel hot and cold during the day and night, so you should have something for every situation. Make sure that you wear camouflaged layer to get maximum success in your hunt. Do a weather check to make sure that you pack for potential rainfall as well. Hunting boots are also an important part for your hunting gear.

Tools of the trade

You need to bring every tool and equipment you will need while dressing the deer. A knife and a rope are the most important tools to hand the deer while dressing it neatly. You will also need a tarp for dragging your deer back to the truck or cabin. It will help you dress it better without any dirt and debris sticking to it.

Learn about your weapon

You should be aware of the weapon you are using. It is a quality of a good hunter to be familiar with their own weapon. They should be able to dismantle it and fix it back in no time. Practice at a shooting range to improve your aim. Learn the range from where you can take an effective shot.


You should learn to scout for a deer as it is way more difficult than scouting for any other animal. A deer can jump away faster than a blink of an eye if it sees any dangerous activity. You need to maintain proper distance while scouting a deer. You will need binoculars to watch them from a distance. Today scouting has changed as people can use maps from google to locate areas with deers. Use the best technology to research where you can find potential hunts and take a pro friend with you on a hunting day.

Deer Hunting

Very Simple Deer Hunting Tips

This guide contains information about hunting tips towards deers. It may not be for everybody. I am not a hunting enthusiast, but these tips intrigued me as well. If you are here, I am sure that you are an enthusiast about hunting. How does one become a great Deer Hunter? Is that one way? A hunter goes to a given hunting spot and skilfully cleans up an area by hunting a buck. How does he do that? Well, with the tips in this guide, you can do a good job at hunting deer as well. A piece of advice from my end would be to find out if it is legal for you to hunt deer wherever you are.

Here are some tips

You should completely cover you sent. The ability to cover up your scent is one of the most primary determinants of whether your deer hunting season will be a successful one or not. Deer can actually sense humans from a mile away. They can detect you and your sound. The good news is that you can actually cover up the scent and prevent this from detecting you by using some sent eliminators. It would help if you spread these to the bottom of your foot. See if you can bathe in scent-free soap before you go out on a hunting trip.

You can actually try and trick the deer. With the help of decoys, you can try something like this. It is never too late. You can start by incorporating different methods of tracking the tear into the range and increase your luck in the woods. You can try using one of the calls that deers use. It is essential that you know how to use it properly.

Deer Hunting

It would be best if you used dear attractants. Yes, you heard that right. Making use of these things will attract more deer towards you. See if you can use their feed, feeders and their urine.

See if you can use a bow. Using a compound bow has always proven to be a great asset when it comes to deer hunting because it doesn’t make a huge noise like a gun. The thing with using guns is, as soon as a gun is fired all the deer in the area are alerted and I’m sure they run away. Bows don’t do that.

You should be incredibly quiet. You should completely cover your human scent and make sure that you are very smooth while walking. These animals have an impeccable hearing. They can detect you from a mile away.

You should also know what the best time to hunt the animal is. They are active in early mornings and near dusk as well. These times would be the best time to hunt them.


Some Great Hunting Tips

I would actually paid good money that you will learn a lot from this collection of tips when it comes to hunting. Hunting happens to be a very primal instinct and something that drives a lot of people in the world. After hunting became illegal, people have been doing it illegally. There are some strict laws, and it comes to hunting. People don’t seem to be worried about that. They still do it anyway. Depends on which animal you hunt. It is illegal to her most animals. Well, here are some tips that you can use if you are hunting. I suggest you want an animal which is legal to be hunted.

Make sure that you go extra slow. When still-hunting, a lot of us do not move slowly or even step foot long enough. See if you can use your watch as a guide. You should decide on a time period and then stand still for at least five minutes. This way, you will actually be forced to remain quiet and silent for a long time if necessary.

You should stop at noises. A hunter actually forgets the sound of a snapped twig, but it is long remembered by a quarry. Leaves rustling and twigs snapping is something that animals here and recognise. If you make unusually loud noises, you could actually scary animals away. If it did not see you or smell you, it might just walk away if disturbed.

Hunting Tips

A deer is an animal that is easily alerted by human walking through noisy leaves. You should take a couple of quick steps in shorts principal for like 20 yards and then stop and then do it again. Keep the footfalls as light as possible. This makes you sound like a squirrel, sorting through leaves.

Make sure that you try a one-person drive if you are hunting alone. It would be best if you purposely walked into areas with the wind at your bank. This idea is to stir the animals up and get them moving. Once you have passed through, you should make a circle and do the same thing again. You will see some confused animals creeping about, unsure of your precise location. If this doesn’t exactly work, you should take a position on the flank of the whole area that you have walk-through and then you should wait an hour or two. You might see some animals sneaking back, they might have believed in the danger, and they might have also believed that it has passed.

Make sure that you pick your landmarks perfectly. When you’re planning to stalk animal by making a circle and coming behind it, it can become easily confused as you keep changing your location.


What Is Hunting And Why Do We Do It?

Hunting is one of the most primal, animalistic things that we do. Animals hunt for food. Well, carnivores do. Human beings are known for being hunters, and we are at the top of the food chain. The practice of seeking, pursuing, capturing and killing a wild animal is known as hunting. Hunting wildlife is done to harvest meat, remove predators from an environment, livestock, trade, skin trade and more. Most nonhuman species also hunt.

There are many regulation differences between poaching and hunting. Poaching involves illegal killing, trapping and even capturing of hundred species. The species which are hunted are referred to as game or even three. They are usually mammals and birds. Economies have been known to classify hunting as a part of a primary urge to kill.


Hunting by humans actually started in Homo Erectus or even earlier. Millions of years ago, they hunted for food. Hunting has become deeply embedded and encoded in human DNA. Hunting can also mean to be a form of pest control. Hunting has been known to be and a necessary component that comes to the management of rampant wildlife. Excessive hunting has also been known to be a huge contributing factor that comes to endangerment and extinction of so many animals on the planet. Some humans have seen this, and they have started the pursuit of capture and release of fish in fishing. Basically what they do is, they capture the fish, take some pictures and release it back into the wild. Wildlife photography is not considered as hunting. If you pursue a wild animal with the interest of killing it, you will be in trouble. You are allowed to tranquillise and tag animals for your own personal research.

I have a friend who has a father who owns a huge piece of land in the United Kingdom. He has a couple of guns, and he goes out hunting for ducks. He tells me that it has been a tradition and his family, to hunt for ducks for generations. He says that he is proud to be a part of such a tradition. I, myself, do not partake in such activities because I feel that they are incredibly unethical and immoral. I feel that it is an incredible sin to kill for personal happiness or even for sport. I am a vegetarian, and I am an animal rights supporter. Hunting is not exactly something that I enjoy or support.

There are so many people who make a big spectacle out of it. I have even seen it in so many TV shows, and movies and I would like to say that I am glad that hunting is illegal in so many countries.

Grace Hicks

This was my first ever hunting experience, and I am glad I received the right guidance from them. I got to learn a lot of traditional values from this camp other than the hunting techniques.

Henry Holliday

I loved how hunting is available as a disciplined activity that teaches us a lot rather than making it a simple recreational activity. My guide was totally professional and knowledgeable to show me around the wilds and to answer my doubts.