7 Hunting Day Essentials


Going for hunting also means that you are on a survival drill that requires a well-equipped hunting pack. You need to make sure that you have everything you will need without carrying extra weight for your hunting hike. There are different opinions about hunting packs essentials, but most of the experts agree on the things that we have mentioned in this list.


While many essentials are required to protect you from tough situations, water is the most important of them all. It is the most important thing to carry to your hunting trip as you can spend hours and even days looking for a successful hunt. The majority of the weight for your pack should be water. You can use a bladder to minimize the amount of space a hard container would take.


First Aid

From blisters to heavy injuries, you will need a first aid kit to cover any wounds that you get during the hunt. You may even need some energy pills to stay in the hunt without passing out. You can cut yourself from the thorny bushes or have an ankle sprain due to a fall. A first aid kit with all the necessary items for pain and wounds is essential for hunting trips.


Carry as many energy bars and dry fruits as you can. You will get pretty hungry while waiting patiently for a good target. Other food items can include jerky, frozen vegetables, and instant foods that you can make by boiling some water. Keep a container to cook your food when you are camping.

Rain gear

It will not necessarily rain during a hunt, but just to be sure, you must have rain gear to protect your backpack as well as yourself. Hypothermia can become a barrier in successfully completing your hunt if you do not have the right rain gear.

Rain gear


You also need a headlamp when the sun goes down so that you can be hand free in the dark to dress your hunt. Buy a headlamp that can last for your entire hike trip in one charge. Some of the headlamps today can also have additional features such as SOS for emergency situations.


The most important tool of a hunter is a knife. It can perform several tasks from dressing to cutting sticks for the fire, cutting vegetables, to even cutting off any poison from spreading the body. Keep a sharp blade with you that can be easily accessible in all situations when you are hunting.


Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves can be effective while dressing an animal during the hunt. It protects your body from getting directly in contact with any bacteria or parasite that the animal might have. If you have any cuts on your hands when you are dressing an animal, you will most probably get very sick. Rubber gloves prevent this contact with the blood and body of the animal while also giving you a good grip for dressing.

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