How do I get a permit for firearms and traumatic weapons?

And so, any “mortal” citizen of the Russian Federation who does not fall under the following criteria can obtain permission to store and transport civilian firearms and traumatic weapons:

– Have not reached the required age;
– Those who have not submitted a medical report on the absence of contraindications to the possession of a weapon;
– Having a conviction for an intentional crime;
– Those serving a sentence for a crime committed;
– who have committed an administrative offense repeatedly during the year, infringing on public order or the established management procedure;
– Not having a permanent place of residence;
– Failure to provide conditions for the safe storage of weapons (in the case of smooth-bore or rifled weapons).
Diseases and physical disabilities in which a license to acquire weapons is not issued:

– Chronic and protracted mental disorders with severe persistent or often exacerbated painful manifestations;
– Epilepsy;
– Alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse;
– Visual acuity with correction below 0.5 in one eye and below 0.2 in the other, or 0.7 in one eye in the absence of vision in the other;
– Missing thumb and forefinger or three fingers on one of the hands.

– Other reasons. Among which, sometimes, there is the attitude towards your person of the internal affairs bodies in general and your district police officer in particular.

E If you do not fall under these items, the permission for storage or for storage and transportation will be available simply and quickly, only need to be a little run. What is needed for that?:

1. Obtain a hunting ticket in a hunting society.

(photo, pay state duty and fees, hand over hunts at least)

2. Obtaining medical certificates.

(From a neuropsychiatric and narcological dispensary, and from a polyclinic, a photo is also needed)

3. Purchase a weapon safe.

4. Obtaining a license for the acquisition of weapons in the FRR at the ATS.

(Provide a photo, hunting ticket, certificate 046-1, photocopies of documents, payment of the fee, pass an exam under the Weapons Law, apply for a weapon license).

5. Purchase of weapons.

6. Registration of purchased weapons in the FRR.

Let’s take a look at all these stages in more detail:

1. Obtaining a hunting ticket. This document is not included in the list of mandatory delivery, but its presence allows the free carriage of firearms. In addition, after 5 years of ownership of a smoothbore weapon, you will have the right to purchase a rifled weapon.

Scheme of actions. Look for a hunting society closest to you, find out office hours. You carefully study the hunting minimum and go to take the exam for a hunting ticket. If you don’t want to hunt, let the examiners know about it on occasion – most likely, this will save you from questions like “pen hunting with a cop dog”. After the exam is passed, you pay the entrance and membership fees and get your hunting ticket.

2.Obtaining medical certificates. At this stage, the main goal is to obtain a certificate of the absence of contraindications to gun ownership (F-046-1). According to the Law, the validity period of a medical certificate is not strictly regulated, however, the recommendations of the OLRR (Department of Licensing and Permitting Work) limit the period of validity for initial treatment to 6 months and up to a year.

Scheme of actions. Certificate F-046-1 is paid (about 300 rubles “plus or minus”), it is issued by the polyclinic on the basis of a medical commission and preliminary certificates from neuropsychiatric and drug addiction dispensaries. You can get certificate F-046-1 in departmental clinics, or in any medical institution that has a license for this type of activity. Finding them is easy enough either on the Internet or through advertisements.

3.Purchase of a weapon safe. Here the choice is yours. We can only recommend: since a safe is a thing with a long period of operation, take a weapon safe with a margin right away. It is desirable that 2-3 barrels, a traumatic pistol, there are shelves for storing weapons care products, a tracer for storing ammunition. It is very convenient and correct when weapons, ammunition and all weapons accessories are safely stored in one place.